Verify The Authenticity Of Your Products

This form is meant to confirm if your product is genuine or not. Once the form is received MVP Biotech® will investigate if your product is real or not, we will then send out an email to you confirming the results. Please be advised we are not liable if you have purchased a counterfeit product, no refund or replacement will be issued, it would also be helpful if you state where you bought the counterfeit product so in turn you can help us fight back this unwanted counterfeit market and protect future buyers.

Information On Purchase(s)

Upload image(s) (minimum of 3 images / maximum 2MB per image) of the Product that needs to be verified. Make sure the images are clear and easy to see, along with the product lot number.

(* reqired)

(* reqired)

(* reqired)

Please look at the following image to see the location of the lot number and expiration on your product.

Seller Information

MVP Biotech® will use the information we collect to operate, improve our products and services we offer.
We may also use the information to communicate with you, for example, we might contact you to collect additional information about the product or the seller in question. All information collected will not be shared, sold to any third party.
We encourage you to help us improve our grasp into the counterfeit market in turn assuring you as a consumer will receive a genuine product in the future.

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