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Dom Poissant

Cross Fit Athlete and Arm Wrestler

Birthday: July 8, 1974

Hometown: Sorel, Québec 

Occupation: Canadian armed forces: 23 yrs

Height: 6′-1″

Weight: 202 lbs

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Brown

Favorite body part to train: Arms

Website: www.dompoissant.com

As been featured in many magazines

From as young as the age of 4, I got involved in sports and competed. Whether, hockey, golf, football, or martial arts; it was implemented in me that fitness and being active was gonna be a part of my life. I excelled at all of them, but had to make a choice going forward in the U.S.A, South Carolina, Spartanburg to study criminology and scholarship in golf. Once my degree completed, I needed more; so I joined the Canadian Armed Forces where all I wanted to do was jump out of planes, so I did. From paratrooper to special forces, fitness was a must and I always attained the highest level for myself! Which earned me many fitness awards and records within the Forces.

Still in the Forces, it wasn’t enough. I had to do more. So I trained in Mixed Martial Arts and became a professional fighter. I had an amazing 4 years of doing that but with job and new norms; time wasn’t on my side. So now what??? Well, crossfit it is!! I started crossfit in 2013 and did amazing until last year where I extruded a disk. So now what do I do to stay active?? How about arm wrestling? I began 3 months ago and frankly I am hooked! I won a few events already and many more to come.

I have been fortunate to be supported by the best supplement company in MVP BIOTECH, I now, and always will use it for my arm wrestling to get me where I need to be. I always strive to be the best and to accomplish that, you need amazing supplements; MVP BIOTECH is just that!!




Ontario Central Champion

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