R-Lipoic-Acid 200


Health Management

Men & Women

Top Benefits

  • Supports Efficient Protein Synthesis.
  • Critical Antioxidant.
  • Contains Selenium & Molybdenum.
  • Maintains Cellular Health.
  • Helps to promote healthy glucose metabolism.

Scientific Insight

A highly-active agent
R-alpha-Lipoic Acid is one of the purest and the most effective form of Alpha-Lipoic Acid. R-alpha Lipoic Acid has several potential benefits for bodybuilders. It is shown to be a powerful antioxidant, since the acid is fat and water soluble and can enter all parts of the cell (1). This can give you benefits in terms of neutralizing free radicals that are produced in a big quantity during your workout and can lead to muscle cell damage.


Effects on muscles
Besides this protecting action, R-alpha-Lipoic Acid can lean to significant increase in the creatine uptake (2). Creatine is highly beneficial for your lean muscle mass and overall for workouts (3). R-alpha-Lipoic Acid mimic actions of insulin, positively influencing glucose utilization, that means it helps the body make use of the energy you feed it with (4). Worth to be mentioned that R-alpha-Lipoic Acid enhances amino acid transport too, which provides an extra growth for your muscles.*

Some animal studies provide evidence that R-alpha-Lipoic Acid recycles and enhances the effects of other antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C, may help improve memory and may help reduce blood cholesterol. Further studies on humans are needed to be conducted..


MVP Biotech® delivers you stabilized R-alpha-Lipoic Acid helping you to maintain age decreasing quantity of this product in your organism.  We have added other antioxidants, Vitamins C and B to enhance actions of the product. We provide you with Stabilized form R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, insure you are getting the most from this product.

Supplement Facts, Suggested Use and Warnings

NON MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS: Capsule (Bovine Gelatin, Purified water), Microcrystalline Cellulose, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate, FD&C Blue No.1, Titanium Dioxide.

RECOMMENDED PURPOSE OR USE: Provides antioxidants for the maintenance of good health. Helps to promote healthy glucose metabolism.


DOSAGE – ADULTS: Take one (1) capsule 3 times daily, preferably with a meal.

CAUTION AND WARNING: Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you have diabetes or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. Store in a cool dry place. Security seal on cap for your protection. Do not use if seal is broken.

CONTAINS NO: sugar, no salt, no starch, no yeast, no wheat, no gluten, no corn, no soy, no milk, no lactose, no egg, no shellfish, no preservatives.

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