BigMarc’s Swole/Pump/Focus System

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BigMarc’s Swole/Pump/Focus Stack

Consists of:
1 x Absolute Power – 300 grams
1 x Humavol – 1000 grams

1 x Taurine – 120 Caps

Absolute Power™

Absolute Power X3.1 is an extreme pre-workout supplement designed to enhance your strength, mind, and performance. It delivers increased workout intensity and energy, increased muscle size and enhanced fat burning combined with the powerful effects of intense Blood Volume Training, Absolute Power X3.1 is truly in a league of its own. This newest evolution of pre-workouts was compounded and engineered with unique ingredients that have been carefully formulated to enhance and intensify the quality of your workouts. Resulting in enhanced mental and motor activation. Longer, better workouts are vital for any fitness program.


HUMAVOL™ is a performance enhancing Pre-Workout Advanced Formula that combines revolutionary ingredients, resulting in the most cutting edge muscle enhancing supplement today. HUMAVOL™ is the complete pre-workout NeuronTrans supplement. It uses scientifically proven compounds to “get your soul in the routine” . The synergistic effect of the combined ingredients Matrix creates a steady flow of NO (Nitric Oxide) over an extended period of time, improving athletic performance and recovery.

HUMAVOL  utilizes the latest performance enhancing complex compounds in order to achieve optimal creatine absorption, proper  functioning  and cell volumization . Each serving provides 19165 mg of active ingredients per serving resulting in a greater intracellular flow of fluid and nutrients to the muscle cell.* This increased flow of fluid and nutrients promote muscle recovery and stimulate protein synthesis. For Increased strength and endurance HUMAVOL uses the latest scientifically proven compounds to deliver anabolic technologies with 100% efficiency, triggering instant metabolism, muscle explosion and growth . HUMAVOL promotes a much fuller muscular appearance since HUMAVOL  engorges the muscle cells with creatine, fluid and nutrients causing a super compensation effect. HUMAVOL sustains nutrient delivery throughout the workout and during post-workout time.

Taurine Caps

Taurine is a non-essential amino acid which can be found practically in every tissue (central nervous system, white blood cells and skeletal muscles). Taurine has some beneficial properties for your workouts. It has been noticed a long time ago that after different types of training athletes have high-levels of taurine. Scientists have linked this fact to potential supportive role of this amino acid for muscles. Recent study of 11 participants has clarified everything. According to this study seven days of taurine supplementation may attenuate exercise-induced DNA damage and significantly enhance the capacity of exercise (VO2max, exercise time to exhaustion and maximal workload) due to its cellular protective properties. Taurine can be supportive in providing your muscles extra volume during endurance exercise through its connections to osmoregulation.

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Humavol Flavor


Absolute Power Flavor



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