BigMarc’s Fat Burner/Shredder System

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BigMarc’s Fat Burner/Shredder Stack

Consists of:
1 x ISO Muscle 94 – 2 Lbs
1 x Lipoxycut X-Core – 120 Caps

1 x L-Carnitine 750 – 120 Caps

ISO Muscle 94

ISOMUSCLE94® Matrix is the ideal lean protein supplement for daily use. Designed for hard working professionals attempting to maintain lean body mass, during periods of strenuous activities, or intensive exercise periods. In this formula, the ISOMUSCLE94® Protein provides an advanced spectrum of bio-active Glutamine micropeptides. This scientifically engineered formula of advance Whey Protein Isolate (ISO 94) micro fractions provides the highest and well protected Biological value (BV) ratio available today, This superior synergistic formula supplies a lean protein supplement in perfect ratio for maximum system absorption, body tissue growth, maintenance and repair. Also contributes to weight reduction, but only as a part of a calorie-reduced diet along with a proper exercise regime.

ISOMUSCLE94® Whey Protein Isolate is one of the best clean dairy proteins found on the market of New Zealand or Argentina. It is made with fresh whey from cows that are grass fed year round, with the most advanced non-estrogenic protein, free from antibiotics, genetically modified organisms and artificial hormones. This natural formula is made of Cross Flow Microfiltered (CFM) whey protein with the highest protein efficiency ratio (PER) among any other proteins.

LipoxyCut X-Core™ 

  • Fat metabolizing formula
  • Increased energy
  • Reduces  high blood pressure
  • Improved mood and cognitive performance
  • Benefits from antioxidants

L-Carnitine 750 Caps

L-Carnitine has several very important properties for your training. It increases VO2 max or aerobic capacity. VO2 max is one of the most important measures of an active person’s ability to train high intensively for longer than 5 minutes. World class athletes typically have high VO2 maximums. Now you can increase endurance capacity with L-Carnitine Mega 750™ from MVP Biotech®.

Two factors can cause fatigue during exercise: lactic acid accumulation and muscle glycogen depletion. Its early onset during exercise is harmful to the high-performance athletes and the active persons. Several studies indicate that L-Carnitine supplementation decreases lactic acid accumulation and spares glycogen and therefore plays a role in delaying fatigue.

Recovery means a lot for every active individual. L-Carnitine consumption prior to high-intensity exercise significantly reduced muscle pain and decreased muscle damage in untrained subjects.

Weight 1814.37 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 27 in
ISO Muscle 94 Flavor



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